Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Weeds and Blooms

It's always spring in my art studio.

Before I had a garden, I wasn't a huge fan of winter.  The cold temperatures, the short days and that whole ice falling out of the sky thing just seemed like not very much fun to me.  These days, however, that seems like a small price to pay to get a break from battling the evil fairies in my garden.

Candles and flowers can brighten the darkest days.

Still, after three seasons of pulling, pruning, digging and planting, I find that I can't completely stop gardening.  Instead I have discovered that the lessons and habits I acquired from my outdoor projects have followed me indoors.  I realize that I have been tending to the rooms of The Cabbage like I do my flower beds, removing the weeds of clutter, dust and disorganization so I can give all the things and activities I love the space they need to bloom.

I follow this recipe to cure the winter blues and make art. :)

And just as it is when I garden, when I become overwhelmed by the weeds in my path, it is "the blooms" that motivate me and keep me sane.  In fact, when I take the time to notice, I realize there is as much life, blossom and color around me in my home as there is in my garden in springtime.  That makes me feel very blessed and grateful.

My Out Of Water Mermaid reminds me to embrace the time and space that I am in.

Yeah, winter isn't so bad after all.

Garden Angel "Winter Rose" Magnet
Garden Angel "Winter Rose" Magnet by Victoreeah
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"Bloom" Garden Angel
"Bloom" Garden Angel by Victoreeah
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  1. Interesting post, Victoria :) I always say that if you plant enough flowers in your garden, there won't be any room for the weeds to grow - and it generally works! So I wonder how that translates into 'indoors'? Maybe it's something like this: if you have enough interesting and colourful things in your home, nobody (including me!) will notice the chipped paintwork or unpolished windows?

    1. Thanks, Judy. That sounds about right to me! :)