Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pinteresting People: Jenny Holiday

I've been trying to remember how I stumbled upon the Everyday Is A Holiday blog and I can't. I'm sure it was just inevitable that I would. It seems that ever since I made the big commitment to my muse , myself and my creativity I find that I am drawn like a magnet to others who have done the same. Reading about the adventures and challenges of amazingly talented and creative people like Jenny and Aaron keeps me inspired and motivated to live up to my own creative potential.  

I also really enjoy following Jenny on pinterest. I wouldn't say my style is exactly the same as hers but there is definitely some overlap. Also, I think her love of and loyalty to pink and blue hues gave me the confidence to go with a similar color scheme when I decorated my garden shed.


  1. Oh gosh, thank you so very much for your incredible kindness. I really am just so thankful for our online art, craft, and blog community. Aaron and I love connecting with like minded souls, like you! ...and we are so happy to share. Thanks bunches! Happy Creating!!!

    1. You're so very welcome, Jenny. And thanks again for all the inspiration. I wish you and Aaron continued success and many bright blessings. :)