Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Red, White & Blue Halloween

Politics Can Be Scary - Political Halloween Buttons available in my Zazzle shop

I have to admit that I find politics kind of scary. I do take very seriously my right to vote and try my best to educate myself about the candidates and the issues I will be voting on. However, when it comes to debating political topics, I avoid it like I would a brain eating Zombie. It just isn't my area of expertise.  Besides, I seem to have attracted a lot of endearingly stubborn people into my life who have a habit of making up their own minds.  Talking politics with them would either be preaching to the choir or a sure fire way of making them angry.  So for the most part, if I happen to disagree with someone about some political issue, that's cool with me, I'm sure we have plenty of other things in common we can talk about.

All that being said, I have nothing against knowledgeable people who speak their minds and attempt to educate others on political matters. I understand that this stuff is important. I just don't like to see people take it so personally that they become divided over it.

So when I thought about creating some political designs for my main Zazzle Shop I asked myself, how can I make this stuff fun without being derisive? And that's when I thought of combining politics with the most fun day of the entire year which also happens to fall very close to election day, Halloween!

I was not attempting to make any political or personal statement with these designs. I designed them for both presidential candidates and no witches, zombies or vampires were harmed in the making of them. You can see all of the products with these designs by CLICKING HERE. I hope you like them.
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