Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Many Faces - Portraits of a Painter

A few of my many faces

Painting for me is mostly an improvisational process. Even when I have some preconceived notion of what I want to create, I am often led onto a path that strays from my initial vision. My pals Lucky Mistakes and Happy Accidents show up a lot on these journeys and I am always thrilled to see them.

"I Will Only Nurture My Finest Thoughts"

I create intuitively, so it's rare that I reference a model, picture or any sort of reality outside my inner world. Lucky for me, my inner world is heavily populated. I didn't know just how many friends I had there until I started painting.

"I Am Here"

These friends don't talk while I'm painting them but they do speak to me in their own way. They don't have names but they seem to have feelings, just like you and I.

Tears For Georgie

Occasionally, someone will say one of my portraits reminds them of someone they know. Sometimes one or two of them is mistaken for a celebrity. Ultimately they can be whoever or whatever you want them to be.

"Glamour Girl"

Once in a blue moon, I paint someone who lives outside as well as inside my own mind. In these cases, they are also someone that I know by heart.

Left to Right: "Me, Only Bolder",  "Hippie" and "Sixx"

So unless I know you by heart I probably won't be painting your portrait. However, you still might find a part of yourself in one or more of the portraits I do paint.

"To Wonder Is Wise"


  1. Your images are all so full of life and emotion... and I have always loved your choices of colors; I envision your palette as a happy place to visit.

  2. That's very nice of you to say, thank you Holly! :)