Thursday, February 7, 2013

Missing My Muse

What My Muse Looks Like Most Days

My Muse recently went missing for a couple of weeks. She does this every now and then and I haven't always handled it well. This time, however, I remembered her telling me once that sometimes not showing up was her way of giving me some time off. So instead of panicking I decided I would take advantage of the time she was giving me.

This was great for the first few days. I tidied up my studio, organized my art supplies, did a few chores around the cabbage and caught up on some reading. I didn't really start to miss her until the second week. This is when I found myself casually dropping by some of my Muse's favorite places in hopes of running into her. When she failed to appear at the art museum, the craft store or even the clearance section of HomeGoods, I really started to get worried.

My last ditch effort was to try to lure her with chocolate and salty snacks and her favorite movies and TV shows. I even watched an episode of Bewitched in her honor but still, there was no sign of my Endora look alike. Finally, I decided there was nothing left to do but to go ahead and start creating without her.

I had been in my studio painting for about twenty minutes when I felt her presence. I turned to find her sitting in my favorite chair by the window. She looked extremely tan, was dressed in a colorful, tropical print sarong and had a sombrero on her head and scuba fins on her feet.

“Where the hell have you been?” I had to ask.

“I've been right here.” She replied calmly between sips of her umbrella drink. “Where the hell have you been?”

Obviously from her appearance I could tell she was lying but there was also a certain truth to what she was saying, a truth I know but somehow manage to forget time and time again and that is this: Sometimes my muse leads me to the work and sometimes the work leads me to my muse.

In other words, no matter how all knowing and powerful my muse may be and no matter what island paradise she may have wandered off to, if I am serving the work then I'm pretty sure she is contractually obligated to serve me.

So the next time you see me whining somewhere about missing my muse, do me a favor, would you? Tell me to get to work. Thanks.

Happy Creating!

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