Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Artist's Life (Part 2)

I am often tempted to separate my “Life” from my creative life, as if creativity was something I only practiced in front of a canvas or from behind a lens. The fact is that, even before I audaciously declared myself an “Artist” and devoted my time to artist type things, I have always behaved creatively. It was only after I began taking myself seriously as said “Artist” that I began judging seemingly more mundane activities as outside the artistic realm.

In truth, there is no activity in my life that does not involve or serve my creativity, if I allow it to. And the fact that my creative life informs and enhances my “Life” is something I have witnessed too many times to doubt.

I think that being an artist is as much about learning how to see possibilities instead of problems and make miracles out of mistakes as it is about producing pictures or paintings. In that way, I believe everyone could benefit from living “An Artist's Life”.

Still, I would rather paint than do the dishes (just saying).

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