Thursday, August 28, 2014

Create Art Every Day Challenge

Me in my art studio

I used to struggle with the fact that I don't paint every day.  I would read in articles and books on creativity how important it was to practice your art on a regular basis and it sounded like great advice to me.  However, to spite my best intentions, painting every day or even every week was something I consistently failed to do. 

Eventually, I learned to stop being so hard on myself about it (go away, anti-muse!) and accepted that my creative process and practice includes more than painting.  I realized my job as Slave To The Muse requires me to use my creative energies in many different ways.

Painting, drawing, writing, photography, graphic design, home decorating, even cooking (though rarely baking) and cleaning (though never the dishes) are all ways I express myself and attempt to actualize the visions that my muse so generously provides.  I think it's possible that I do create art every day in some fashion or another, perhaps without even being fully aware of it.

So, in an effort to increase my awareness as well as my creative efforts, I have devised for myself a Create Art Every Day (CAED) blogging challenge.  Starting Tuesday, September 2, 2014, I will write a post for 30 consecutive weekdays in which I share one creative achievement from the day before.

Okay, I said it, so now I have to do it.  Yikes!  

Talk to you on Tuesday and have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Creating,

Note: This was #5 of my Top Ten Posts of 2014.  Click here for the full story of how this challenge came about.

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  1. Looking forward to you sharing your daily creativity with us, Victoria!

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!