Thursday, July 3, 2014

Decked Out

Before: Our Deck in April 2014

It was love at first sight.  The moment I set eyes on my deck I knew it was the one; the one place where I would spend all my leisure time every Spring, Summer and Fall.  Yes, I had big plans for us: tea in the morning, reading in the afternoon, wine in the evening, holiday parties and weekend cookouts... this deck and I were going to have some fabulous times together!

Unfortunately, not many of these plans came to fruition.  I did enjoy my deck when I had the time but that was an all too rare occurrence.

So this year I decided I was going to make the time so my deck and I could reach the potential I saw for us at the start.  Of course that meant a bit of a makeover was in order.  Not much was needed to turn this space into my dream oasis, just some color, pattern, light and a few accessories.  And now I'm happy to report that my deck and I have been spending lots of quality time together.

Here's some photos of my newly decked out deck:

After: My Outdoor Oasis in July 2014

Evening Oasis

Dining Area

Dining Area In Evening

Buffet and Lounge Area

Lounging Area In Evening

Accessories that I designed myself

A few more favorite details

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  1. I love your deck so much. You did an amazing job. It looks so tranquil and peaceful. What an incredible space. So beautiful. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Debbie. I'm pretty happy with it! :)