Friday, March 2, 2012

My Perfectly Imperfect Art Studio

And the words were written on the craft closet door: Embrace Imperfection

Hello my name is Victoria and I am a recovering perfectionist.  That is why I love art.  Nothing teaches me how to embrace imperfection more than making art does, with the possible exception of home ownership.

Hippie and I love the house we live in now but, like me, it has it's quirks and issues.  When we first moved in I tried to decorate each room according to the perfect vision in my head but I soon realized how impractical that was for our budget and our lifestyle.  I have since learned not only to accept but to appreciate and eventually prefer imperfection in my home furnishings and decor, especially in my art studio.

Hippie calls my art studio The Rainbow Room

It took Hippie a little time to adjust to my embracing imperfection in this way.  I remember when I asked him to investigate what was under the teal carpeting in the room that is now my studio that he was very dire about his findings.  "It's not good." he determined and then went on to explain that although there were original wood floors beneath the carpet, they were marred by abundant splatters of paint and glue.  I, on the other hand, was ecstatic.  What could be more perfect for an art studio than a floor already splattered with paint and glue?

My favorite little corner of the world

He also gave me a hard time when I brought home an ugly plaid wing chair from the thrift store.   He liked it better when I told him how little it cost and explained that I was just going to cover it with a drop cloth anyway.

I knew he had come around to my way of thinking when I asked his opinion of a desk I was considering buying.  He pointed out the missing middle drawer, The crooked drawer handles and a large split in the wood on the top of it and said, "It's perfect for your art studio."  It was and is.

My perfectly imperfect desk. 

If I had the resources for the custom furnishings and high end finishes I once envisioned, I'm sure my home and studio would look beautiful but I'm not sure they would look like my kind of beautiful.   Like me, my art studio is always going to be a work in progress and that's what makes it the perfect place for me to dream, imagine and create.

My rainbow walls are always a work in progress

Rainbows In Progress Artist's Brushes throwpillow
Rainbows In Progress Artist's Brushes by time2see
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  1. You have a wonderful art studio! I think it's beautiful. :)

  2. So so so fun!!! Totally inspires creativity! Love the color!

  3. Thanks for adding that option!
    I love your perfectly imperfect house! The only room I can use for my studio has very poor natural light. Oh, I dream of a light filled studio space! Thanks for sharing yours!

    1. Thanks Cyn! I knew the first time I was in this house and saw the light streaming through the two big windows in there that it would be my studio. I feel very fortunate and blessed every time I go in there and my cats love it too. :)