Monday, September 18, 2017

Van Gogh's Footsteps

"Wheatfield with crows" by Vincent van Gogh, July 1890

I'm going to do something different (and, quite honestly, terrifying) on this blog post and share with you a video of myself performing a song that I wrote called, “Van Gogh's Footsteps”.

I wrote this song shortly after seeing a comment on social media that read: No great artist is appreciated during their time.

Not only is that statement discouraging but it is completely false. There are many brilliant artists who have been, and are, appreciated and successful during their lifetimes. Of course there are many who are not, too.

I imagine many of us think of Vincent Van Gogh as a prime example of one of those tragic figures. However, even before his death Van Gogh's work was starting to gain some recognition in the art world of his day. It is entirely possible that had he not been so ill and committed suicide at the young age of 37, he may have been able to achieve and enjoy success and admiration in his time.

I think one way we can all choose to not follow in “Van Gogh's footsteps” is to not allow ourselves to get too discouraged and to never give up (and, for those of us who struggle with mental health issues, to get help when we need it).

Also, I think this world needs more “Theos" (people like Vincent's brother Theo who loved and supported him). So if you know an artist please be kind, encouraging and supportive of them. You never know just how much of a difference that could make to them and to this world.

Okay, here's my song:

Thanks for reading (and watching/listening). Until next time, happy creating!

Peace, Love and Art,


  1. This is INCREDIBLE! Wow--you are amazing!!!

  2. How inspiring! I am so proud of you and how you are not afraid to go for it as an artist. Magical things happen when you do! This is such a strong message.

    1. Thanks very much for your support and encouragement, Katie. ❤